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     'Ultra HD Aerial Imagery - 4K and up - from Simcoe County's only Trademarked Aerial Professional
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Please watch our Federal Transport Minister regarding DRONES,

UAV's cannot fly over or near roadways and built up areas - in particular highways
UAV's cannot fly over any private property - except with the explicit permission of the land owner
UAV's cannot fly not over crowds, under any circumstance
SFOC - Special Flight Operations Certificates DO NOT allow for this
under any circumstance
Barrie Aerial Photography
Barrie Aerial PhotographyBarrie Aerial PhotographyBarrie Aerial Photography

                                          'Ultra HD Aerial Imagery - 4K and up - minus the wide angle distortion'

 i) single hi-resolution professional photographs - usually 3-5 unique aerial shots per sequence - with shared copyright privileges

 ii) HD Full Format video clips 1920 x 1080 - call or write for a quote ->

 iii) Project Progression tracking - call or write for a quote ->

"the best quality, at a great price => cost containment"

More great samples are at:

"precision aerial documentation - with the use of drones we find most imagery is somewhat distorted due to the very low height limits set by NAV Canada"

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                                                                             Barrie Aerial Photography -> Simcoe County's only Aerial Photography Trademarked Professional - 2015